New Features and Logo Help

Hi Folks,

I hope you are enjoying the new site. Gregg and I are hardly web designers but we have been playing around with some features of WordPress and we think we have added in some things that will make it easier and more enjoyable to to visit Turtle Soup.

You may have noticed that we added some additional “pages” to the site. I’ve begun to upload funny Maryland photos whenever I come across them. As we enter the school year, I encourage readers to send me photos from either the football or the basketball season and I will post them here.

There is also a page for the “Anti-Duke Manifesto”. It is quite a treatise, and frankly speaks for itself. A UNC Law student originally penned the document and I feel that it deserves a permanent place on Turtle Soup. The author has developed a kinship with Maryland fans as he hates Duke with as much vigor as we do.

I’ve also added some Polls on the right hand side that I will updating throughout the football and basketball season. I encourage you to vote and weigh in.

We have also created a “tag cloud” on the left hand side that organizes all of our old posts based on frequency of topics. For those unfamiliar, the topics in the biggest font size are the ones most frequently touched upon. The fact that “Frustration” and “Rants” are currently the two largest, speaks volumes about the last year in College Park.

Finally, I’d like to invite all Turtle Soup readers to help me come up with a logo for the header at the top of the page. As you can see, my photoshop skills are terrible. If you are considering putting a logo together for me, please note that the size of the image box is fixed and anything you send me will be stretched or cropped to fit in that box.

Turtle Soup Is Moving

Hey Soupers! Not only is today the start if the college football season; it is also the start of a new era for Turtle Soup. MVN has been so great to us over the years, but we are moving on. All traffic to this site will start redirecting to our new home.

Please bookmark us. It will be the same great site, content and community (assuming you all switch over).

MVN Is No More

MVN has decided to stop supporting college sports since Turtle Soup was the only property that had any traffic. I sincerely apologize for the total lack of site design, but I literally had to throw this up at the last minute. Gregg and I will still be writing for the site.

There are two ways to get here:

We will post a thread about the game tomorrow.