“His Real Name Is Mosley”

“I’m MOSLEY!!!” That is my favorite line from “Midnight Run” and what better way to introduce a discussion about Maryland’s most heralded incoming freshman? Alonzo Mosley (played by Yaphaet Kotto) has to be one of the great all-time buddy movie characters and I am looking forward to the joy I will get from making endless references to him over the next four years.

(By the way, How amazing is YouTube? I mean if you are looking for an obscure movie clip, it is just a click away. I love technology.)

Now, our Mosley, Sean Mosley, will be coming to Maryland from Baltimore, my hometown (actually I’m from the suburbs, but whatever). Mosley just capped a phenomenal senior season in which he averaged 27 ppg. He finished his career as the second all-time leading scorer in the history of Maryland High School basketball with over 2900 points (Rodney Monroe is #1 and he fared pretty well in the ACC I’d say).

There has been much talk about how Mosley will provide much needed balance to the Terps offense by giving the Terps a legitimate three point shooter. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The only problem is that the information I find on the young man, seems to indicate that perimeter shooting is a “weakness”. Did Gary recruit another Adrian Bowie? The Terps desperately need a three-point shooter who isn’t going to kill the Terps in other ways (see: Eric Hayes). If Mosley can’t knock down treys, are we going to have to rely on Hayes to be Mr Three Ball?

Can someone talk me off the ledge here? Why is scout.com saying that Mosley needs to work on his perimeter game?

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