Duke Football Revisited

This is a story I first wrote about over the summer, but I found this on YouTube; and it I just had to share it.

I’ll recap for you: The University of Louisville sued Duke University for backing out of its obligation to travel to Louisville for a football game. In the clip, Duke’s lawyer argues that the contract stipulated that the agreement could be broken if a “suitable” replacement could be found. Her argument speaks for itself:

Best. Hit. Ever.

We all saw it live. It is simulataneously gross and engrossing. It begs the question, “who has mint chocolate chip ice cream for breakfast, anyway?”

Regardless, it is forever immortalized in the You Tube pantheon. The Balto Sun’s Rick Maese even speculates that this hit could prove to be the spark that electrifies UM’s run through the rest of the schedule. Personally? I’d just go for against for a solid win against Eastern Michigan on Saturday.