The QB Question

The Fridge says he’ll have a starter named this weekend, but after hearing it was a two man race all spring and summer long, it seems Josh Portis has had one hell of a last two weeks. It’s now been reported that it is a 3 man race for the starting QB job with all candidates showing both strengths and weaknesses.

Jordan Steffy is the safe pick (according to Fridge). He won’t make mistakes, but will not wow you. I believe Freidgen’s words were something like he’ll “dink and dunk you”. We’ve all seen Steffy in game action and I think it’s safe to say, he’s not the fans first choice. He works hard and deserves credit for that, but he has yet to show he can lead this team and stay healthy. After years of uncertainty at the position, we need somebody who can make things happen. I think Steffy can get us 6 or 7 wins, but not 8 or 9.

Chris Turner is the guy we saw grow up last year. He wasn’t always perfect, but when you lead a team to wins over two Top 10 teams, one at home and one on the road, you see he has something special. It’s well known the guy doesn’t practice as well as he plays in games. Personally, I’ve seen enough to know I think he deserves the chance to start the season and let his play dictate whether he stays in the role.

Portis is the wild card. I think it’s safe to assume that he will be on the field in most games regardless of who is ultimately chosen to start. He brings that added dimension of game breaking speed and agility (we’ve heard) that this team desperately needs. Portis should not be your starter, but can come in for a change of pace or we could even play two QB’s on the field at the same time. That should sufficiently confuse the defense.

Alright Terp nation, who should start?