Maryland – Gonzaga Thread

Due to the start time; I will be forced to tape this game as well.  I’ll be back in the aftermath to give you my thoughts.  Until then; make good use of the thread below and go Terps!


  1. .Of all the games ESPN can broadcast today, they have selected the Puke blowout game. What is with this network and their sucking up to Duke? It is almost like NBC and Notre Dame Football without the mega million-dollar contract. Next we will see Duke play an inter squad scrimmage on ESPN HD. If they stay with this game and not go to the tip off of Md Gonzaga game the conspiracy will be validated


  3. I’m stoked about this game tonight!!! I agree with Ray, so help me god if they delay the coverage of the MD game so that we can see Coach K’s freshly “just for men” treatment as ESPN slobbers all over Dook’s knob, while Dook blows the doors off Duquesne.

    Let’s GOOOOOO Maryland!

  4. M

  5. Game On

    D looks pretty good so far
    Offensive boards have been key so far
    3’s not hitting so far
    big block by Jin Soo

    Zags are just hitting shots

    7minutes left in the half


  6. Lots of touch fouls so far…against the Terps…

  7. Milbourne sucks. His selfish play cost us on one TO, and his suckiness cost us on the subsequent play

  8. No field goals in the last 6 minutes of the half. That’s no good. Johnny and Chris keep talking about how tired the guys seem.

  9. Need a big second half

  10. For someone who can allegedly jump out of the gym, Milbourne sure gets his shot blocked a lot. Go up strong, Landon. Please.

  11. We MUST win the first two minutes of the second half, keep running the offense as evidenced by GW’s time out and screaming “Run the F***ing plays!!!” at least 3 times before the camera man switched shots……..

    Let’s GO TERPS!!!!!

  12. I just started a new site Doug Gottlieb is a douhe

  13. I thought they played hard again in the first half. The shots weren’t falling like last night but they worked the ball around well until those last 5 minutes. Braxton playing pretty well against those giants. They killed us on the glass early but we did better towards the second half.

    Gonzaga played really well in the first half. That Day is tough to stop. 6-10 big man with a good handle.

    If the Terps come out and keep playing hard they should be right in this. They did seem a bit tired. Younger players tend to tire more easily since they aren’t use to playing at this speed and back to back nights.

    Keep taking it to the glass Terps, that is where you can hurt Gonzaga.

  14. Heytfelt is a fag. Nice haircut.

  15. Gonzaga played a great game. The game was won on the glass. They killed us on the glass. Killed us. That team is huge.

    We played hard all game. The Terps couldn’t hit the ocean from the three point line but they played hard.

    This sets up what we all have been waiting for…Georgetown. We win that and this tournament is a HUGE success. Two top 25 wins and a rivalry win.

    I like watching this team play, even when they struggle offensively. They give you everything they have.

  16. A nice reminder to the boys that they still have work to do. I agree with you, Ricksterps, a win on Sunday and this tourney would definitely have to be considered a success.

    Normally I am a disgruntled mess after a loss, but I seem to be taking this one in stride. I don’t know if that is my being resigned to the difficulty of knocking of two top 10 teams in two days, or my being resigned to the limitations of this team. I’m going to go with the former.

    And Moguls, to adapt a line from Ron Burgundy, you stay classy Turtle Soup.

  17. Why didn’t Bowie play much? I didn’t see him in the first half!!

  18. Badu-Earl Star
    Sorry, too many beers during the game!
    Great effort by the Terps. Zags too good of a team.

  19. Gonzaga is the better team clearly. Hayes follows best game of his career with a clunker. As a team we could not hot open shots. I cant believe Mosley scored so many points in high school with no jumper. I am not sure why Bowie only played 8 mins, Neal 4 mins, Tucker 37? With Hayes not playing well Bowie should have had more mins. Milbourne was selfish on offense forcing bad shots. Hopefully a day off will give is time to regroup and give Gtown hell.

  20. I agree with eariler poster that said we lost but it doesn’t feel that bad. I really like the look of this year’s team. They are a refreshing change from the last few years. It all started the year after Blake graduated, perpetuated by selfish players like Gilchrist and Caner-Medley. It continued with the Bad Gist/Good Gist teams. This team plays like an actual team. I’m going to enjoy this season.

  21. We do not lose another game in 2008. Mark me.

  22. As much as I’d like to see Doug Gottlieb’s carcass boiled in oil, it’s hard not to argue with his halftime commentary that the landscape of Division I b-ball has changed dramatically when a Gonzaga can put better players on the floor than a storied program like MD. Why are we having such trouble recruiting quality bigs? Maybe they are in the pipeline, or about to enter it.

    Oh, well, this is the hand we’ve been dealt, and at least it will be fun for a change watching them grow and develop. The work ethic is solid, which is saying a lot after the prima donnas who have passed through College Park since the NC.

  23. Hayes got me excited with a strong take baseline in the first two minutes, then he proceeded to crush my spirits for the remainder of the game. Not a good showing at all. He needs to do more, and consistently, or we’re screwed.

    The Zags were just too big in the second half. We had no one to check Heytvelt, and he went off. Outworked on the boards as a team. And not surprisingly, we couldn’t maintain the lights out shooting from the Michigan St. game (credit Gonzaga’s defense, but also a wake up call that we remain a pretty inconsistent shooting team from outside). All in all though, we played tough. Gonzaga eventually got us out of rhythm late in the game, but otherwise, the Terps once again played with a lot of poise and control offensively. That’s incredibly encouraging, even after losing by almost 20.

  24. Zaga is a tough team. Lots of length that can handle the ball and create on their own. Their offensive rebounding in the 2nd half was huge. At least the Terps hung with them for a half. We were cold and have more work to do.

    On Bowie. Seemed like he played more than 8 minutes, but when he was out there he was ineffective. He was defensed well in my opinion. He actually played 18 minutes.

    Looking forward to the Gtown game.

  25. Also on Bowie – I like him a lot and think he has a bright future with the Terps, but he has a tendency to play out of control. Three offensive fouls in the second half, all of which involved him barreling down the lane with complete disregard for the defense. Gary must’ve felt more comfortable with the bigger guards on the floor, and I can’t say I blame him.

  26. I pretty much agree with you all. Last night we made shots, tonight we didn’t. Add to that the fact that Gonzaga is just so much bigger than us, and it spelled doom. Still, this team does not embarrass itself. They work hard and look nothing like last year’s team.

    The game with Georgetown will be interesting. The 3rd big game in 4 days will test our younger guys and hopefully we’ll start hitting some shots.

    It was nice to see the good and bad of JSK. The block was sweet and i thought the charge call he got in the first half was bogus.

    I’m looking forward to a very exciting season of big wins and tough losses. This team will have a great chance to make some noise, but we’ll have to live through some growing pains along the way!

  27. Amazing we can be so positive after a 20 point loss…am I on the right blog? ;)

  28. We lost by 20. We made some mistakes. But this team plays consistently hard. They share the ball. The only difference between the two games in two nights were we hit tough shots in one game and didn’t in the other. Also, the opponent played much better.

    We will lose games this year. We are not the most talented Terps team ever. But these guys play honest, hard, unselfish basketball. Yeah they make mistakes. They’re young. Only one senior on the team. I have no problem cheering my ass off for these guys, win or lose.

  29. its a shame we lost but the Terps hung tough for 30 minutes against a bigger stronger team. Its almost better that we lost because we get to play our truest rivals. 93′ 02′ lets make it three in row!!!!

  30. I still think Bowie should have been on the floor more. He had a hot hand from 3-point range last night (3 of 4), and shot 5 of 7 overall. Tonight, the entire team shot 1 for 13 from 3-point range. And as far as him being “out of control”, I’m not sure of the stat, but it seemed like we received more charging foul calls than we do playing Duke.

    And Bowie also dished out 3 assists and is quicker on D than Hayes. Don’t get me wrong, that wasn’t the reason why we lost, Hayes is adequate, but I like our chances more with Bowie on the floor.

  31. They played hard, we can’t ask much more. They also have another top 20 team Sunday and a good Michigan team Tuesday. A split of those would be pretty good stuff.

    GV is playing much more mature ball this year. He had probably four passes that banged off of someone’s hands. Good stuff from the general this season.

  32. I only had us winning one game in this tourney to begin with…and did not expect it to be MSU. That is a top 10 win in the books. A solid showing against GTown make this is a worthwhile tourney. Gonzaga’s roster contains guys that will be playing in the Association: Pargo, Dayne, and certainly the big dude. We cannot compete with that…at the moment.

    The Hoyas are good, but not terribly deep. Hopefully UM can give them a good game. GTown has a big advantage in the strength department in the backcourt.

  33. I missed this one—-out to dinner with relatives .

    I liked Eddie’s comment……”I have no problem cheering my ass of for these guys… or lose”.

    That’s what’s but missing the last few years and even though some teams didn’t quite deservie it…’s what we got to do on this site, at Comcast and at arena’s we travel to.

    I believe our guys have the “toughness” part down, that maturity is coming and the experience is developing. We have to have a consistent offense punch, we simply cannot compete without Hayes, Bowie, GV and Tucker hitting from outside with some occasional bombs from Neal and Milbourne.

    I didn’t see the game but didn’t here many commnets about Dupree. Did he get swallowed up and spit out or did he hold his own?

    We MUST be GT because I’m not certain these guys are in a place where they can lose two in a row and bounce back ……quickly.

    GO Terps

  34. GV has become the 47th Terp to score 1,000 points in his UMD career.

  35. I”m not usually one to diss other blogs, but when the Wasington Post’s blog guy says the last time the Terps faced G’town was in 1993, how can people read that and take him seriously? He didn’t say the last time they played in the regular season, he said the ‘last time’.

    That kind of stuff bugs me because the newspaper reporters are supposed to be the ‘experts’ that know more than we do. People read that stuff and think they are getting inside info from somebody who knows their stuff. So, forget that blog and come over and hang out with us! We know our stuff!

    Just needed to get it off my chest. Thanks for reading!

    Go Terps!

  36. I agree with you 100% Gregg. How could they forget us beating them in the NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 game, just no respect it’s unbelievable.

  37. Here’s my take on what I saw during the game and needs to be corrected ASAP: poor shooting % + few treys + weak defensive rebounding leading to second & third shots= almost impossible to win. Gonzaga was good, I’ll give them their due; however the equation above must be changed or we’re not going to see the Ws piling up.

  38. Didn’t get to watch the game until early this morning and you guys have pretty much covered everything.

    Just two quick things. Looks like Gary may be slowly forced to play Burney more because of our lack of size. But I can see in flashes why he isn’t eager to put him out there. He seems a little lost on defense, made some real silly mistakes in his limited minutes.

    Bowie is solid. However, I do agree with those who have pointed out him being out of control at times. I just wish him and all our wing players would learn how to jump stop and hit 6-10 foot shots. The lost are of the mid range game.

    On to Gtown…

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